Signing the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement

The members of the National Panhellenic Conference want every potential new member (PNM) to be informed about her options for joining a women’s fraternity. At the completion of the formal recruitment period, all women are given the option to sign a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). In order to receive a bid from a sorority on campus, the MRABA must be signed. The MRABA form is used on every campus that has a College Panhellenic.

All PNMs are given information and instructions by a member of the fraternity and sorority life staff and/or Panhellenic about the MRABA form and what they are agreeing to abide by.  PNMs should pay close attention to the information given to them, especially the points outlined below.

1. A potential new member may:

  • Choose not to complete an agreement at that time.
  • Choose to list any sorority whose preference (last) event she attended and from whom she is willing to accept an invitation to membership (a bid).
  • Choose to list only one preference, but she must understand that this will limit her potential to join any other NPC group during the just completed recruitment process should she not be placed with her single (only) choice.

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