Tips to get adequate sleep and perform at peak efficiency

Yes, quite a few of us are internet entrepreneurs, so how much sleep do you get? With all the rigors and distractions of everyday life (i.e. kids, a regular job, appointments, etc.) working on your growing internet empire is becoming increasingly difficult.  You have to maintain your family life and keep the significant other happy.  The kids demand attention and the occasional diaper change (if they’re little).

The great internet entrepreneurs are able to maintain both the everyday life events and the internet lifestyle by getting by on the least amount of sleep as they can and great organizational skills.  I know of some entrepreneurs who go to bed at around 2-3am and have to be up for the regular 9 to 5 by 6 am.

While this may be the normal to some, to others, it’s incomprehensible.  “3 HOURS OF SLEEP?? I wouldn’t be able to function!” And they’re probably right.

I’ve read percentages as high as 50% of Americans are chronically deprived of sleep.  And I can imagine that as an entrepreneur, that percentage is much higher. I personally have been able to get by with a minimum of 3 hours of sleep.  But, I can only do that for a maximum of 2-3 days at a time before I pass out for the following 10 hours.

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A Kappa on Jeopardy!

As a trivia junkie and all-around nerd, I’ve dreamed of being on Jeopardy! for as long as I can remember. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2011, I started actively trying to get on the show—something I might not have done if I’d known how tough the odds were.

Out of the 100,000+ people who take the online test each year, Jeopardy! invites only a few thousand people for in-person auditions – and of those, only about 400-500 appear on the actual show.

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I’m Like Madonna

It’s hard not to write about politics these days. It’s everywhere you look! But I’m going to fight the urge tonight.

Instead, I’ll ask you something I’ve been meaning to ask for days but I keep forgetting. How do you like my new look?

You didn’t even mention it. I thought for sure someone would say something about the change!

I’m like Madonna. Every once in a while I get this urge to completely reinvent myself (of course my changes are nothing compare to the dramatics of the Material Girl but they’re just as cathartic!).

I LOVE change. I always have. I’ve never been afraid to move or leave a comfortable situation. I’m always excited about the prospect of the next new thing. It must have something to do with moving around and traveling a lot when I was young. I see change as an opportunity for new adventures.

So, tell me, what do you think of the flowers?

Terrible Terrible Thoughts

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Disaster in Japan: A Sister’s Personal Tale

Stephanie Vander Heyden, Beta Phi, recently graduated with a degree in Japanese from the University of Montana. She has been living in Takasaki, Japan, between Tokyo and Nagano, about 250 miles south of Sendai and teaching English at three elementary schools. The following is a first-person account of the earthquake in Japan on November 21.

All children take English as their foreign language, and it is mandatory curriculum even in elementary school. I was finishing my year as an English teacher when on November 21, 2016, at 2:40 p.m., a 7.4 earthquake hit Japan and created a life-changing event.

I was in the classroom when the earthquake hit, and I dove under my desk. (I’m a native of Seattle so I know you seek cover when the earth begins to shake.) The earthquake lasted three minutes and since I was located about 250 miles away from the epicenter, it really was not that strong. After the quake stopped I realized that everyone had left the building, so I joined everyone outside and was instructed to sit with the children while the teachers huddled together to form a plan.

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Shop Kappa Style and Help Protect Our Heritage

We love wearing our Kappa hoodies and jewelry, and we can never have too many KKG T-shirts, blue-and-blue picture frames, beach blankets or tote bags. We buy KKG flip-flops, travel mugs and jewelry for our Kappa sisters. But did you know that along with the fun of giving and receiving Kappa merchandise, there can be an added benefit? Every purchase from a licensed vendor benefits Kappa Kappa Gamma!

To make sure you’re buying only from licensed vendors, look for the “Greek Licensed Product” symbol on magazines and websites that sell Greek gear. You can also visit and click on “Shop” to view a list of licensed vendors, which is maintained by Affinity Marketing Consultants.

By using one of these vendors, you’ll help ensure that Kappa Kappa Gamma is always represented in a positive manner. The royalties from these purchases are very valuable to our fraternity, and they help keep membership costs down!

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