It has been a rough Spring for the Tillner girls … or rather, the Tillner girls mother.  You see, I fell on February 23, and broke my ankle. Yes, I broke my ankle.  Four weeks in a hard cast, three weeks in a boot … joy, joy.  Now, let me tell you who felt the brunt of this injury.  Lane, my 21-year-old daughter who is a junior at Millsaps, that’s who.  She has taken care of her mother … driving me everywhere, cooking, cleaning, plus going to school and still having a life!

It has been very hard for me to have to rely on her so much when she should be enjoying all that goes with being a junior in college.  But what a trooper she has been, and she’s gotten the opportunity to laugh at her mama a bit as I have maneuvered around with a beautiful purple cast! Gotta find the humor, right?

But, on a bright note for Lane, she will be jetting across the pond to Oxford to study for six weeks.  Isn’t that fabulous?  Can you imagine being 21 in London during Wimbledon and the Summer Olympics?  I have to admit I am a bit jealous … what an opportunity.  She will be back in time to start her senior year in style. So that’s my role as a Kappa mother.

Have I mentioned that I am the president of the Mu chapter of Kappa Delta’s Parents Club?  Oh, yes, I am,  and I love it.  First of all, it works well for me since I am on the campus.  I look out my office window and see the KD Lodge.  Plus, I love getting to know the moms.  These moms are just fabulous.  Small world story for you: my college roommate who was president of Kappa Delta our senior year now has a daughter in the chapter along with Lane so she and I have gotten to reconnect! See also this Kappa Kappa Gamma post.

And Ruthie, she is loving the last few weeks of school.  I really didn’t know, though, that so much went into an All-Sing or a Greek Week.  Ruthie went to practice for All-Sing almost every night of the week. And she swam on the Zeta Tau Alpha team in the Greek Olympics (came in 2nd!).  It’s Big Sis Appreciation week now and she’s really enjoyed making her Big feel special.

The “oops” thing for Ruthie this semester was somehow or another ending up with 16 clicks left on her dining card and 19 days to do.  Hmmmmm … that’s about 1 meal a day with 16 clicks which leaves a lot of meals to figure out.  But not to worry, because the dorms at Union have kitchens.

Yes, full kitchens so she can eat in the dorm.  And being the good mama that I am (I can see my children rolling their eyes now), I sent a goodie box filled with what else but microwave popcorn, pretzels, granola bars and fruit snacks. I will get the Mother of the Year award for that goodie box. See how small gifts can make a big difference.

This year has flown by, hasn’t it?  I look back and see my baby girl starting her freshman year of college and me as anxious as a mother hen. Would she make friends?  Would she like the school?  Would she study? Well, I knew she would study but it’s a big change to step up to college. Would she pledge KD?  Okay, so she pledged Zeta and I’m fine with that.  What a great bunch of young ladies are in Ruthie’s chapter.  Great friends for her.

Lane will be a senior in college.  Really? I am surely not old enough for that.  After all, I’m only 21 myself!