Kappa Kappa Gamma and Reading Is Fundamental

Kappa Kappa Gamma alumnae meet many women who would like to make a difference. You could very well help us achieve our objectives. After all, is there anyone who wouldn’t want to contribute to a better world?

Reading is Fundamental is supported by the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation that was founded in 1966 and the organization is one of the country’s leading voices for the enhancement of children’s literacy.

The organization addresses America’s current alarming literacy crisis through quality content, strong leadership, and an engaged and active community.  Service to others will change lives — even sometimes our own.

The Foundation plays a significant role when it comes to experiencing the KKG membership as it plays an important role on campus, in the organization members’ hometowns, and all across the world through the efforts that the women put in.

KKG encourages its members to support and address causes and issues that are close to the requirements and needs in their respective communities. KKG members are friends for life and provide empowerment and leadership and encourage social entrepreneurship in order to achieve things that really matter in their communities.

KKG has partnered with “Reading Is Fundamental” as this organization is helping underprivileged and underserved children kids to discover the pleasure and joy of reading in general and books in particular.

But Kappa Kappa Gamma doesn’t stop here. See also this KKG-UVA post. Sometimes, KKG’s members are in need as well and that’s where the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation comes in, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was established to serve the needs of its own members.

The organization offers scholarships when needed to support young women in their efforts to complete their education and there are also emergency grants when members go through times of crisis. The KKG Foundation helps Kappas when and where they need help most.

Both in the communities of its members and on an international scope, Kappa Kappa Gamma members are rolling up their sleeves and are determined to make an important difference in many people’s lives.

About Reading Is Fundamental

The foundation “Reading Is Fundamental” wants to fight America’s literacy crisis and works hard to inspire a passion and a love for reading in general and books in particular among all American children.

The organization strives to provide quality content so it will have a lasting impact on our nation’s communities while offering each child the opportunity to enjoy the fundamentals for achievement and success in their lives as many Kappa mothers, who often play a crucial role, have experienced themselves.

Reading Is Fundamental is America’s largest non-profit children’s literacy advocacy organization and it is maximizing all contributions to make sure that all children will have access to books and develop their reading skills and to live up to their fullest potential. and succeed in life.

Today, we are facing a critically significant literacy in America and if we want to change that, it all starts with educating our children. The fact of the matter is that more than 25 million American children are not able to read proficiently. The KKG Foundation is convinced that through working together with Reading Is Fundamental, it can make a real difference and contribute to helping our nation’s children succeed and putting them on the right path towards opportunity and success.

KKG Foundation

It is Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation’s mission to support the continuous development of women by supporting and funding various educational programs, by providing financial support where and when needed, and by preservation the Kappa heritage. The basis for the organization’s strength is already established during Panhellenic Recruitment festivities on various campuses across America. Educational programs are provided, so women across the world can succeed in their lives and objectives.

Kappas are committed to helping women live up to their full potential and as donors of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, the organization’s members will provide the funds required to set up and power the educational programs that are giving members the opportunities to enjoy lifelong learning and attain their goals and dreams. The KKG Foundation is frequently seen as an organization for preserving heritage and history, and sometimes even financial help, but the Foundation is also providing leadership and educational programs for women across the globe and of all ages.