My Life Didn’t End Because I Got Pregnant

A lot of you only know tidbits of my life because I don’t usually post anything too personal here. But today, I’ll be changing that and sharing a very personal story from my life that young mothers can probably relate to. If you’re coming here from the Blogelina Commentathon, Welcome, and I look forward to reading your blogs!

I’ll never forget how terrified I was when I found out I was pregnant. I had just turned 22, was still a college student after I got my GED thanks to, and living day by day just trying to find my path in life. It wasn’t just the huge responsibility that awaited me but explaining to my family that a little-unexpected surprise was on its way to change all our lives forever.

I knew some would be supportive and others, not so much. One person’s reaction will forever stick with me even though it didn’t surprise me at all…I knew it was coming. “Are you going to keep it?” I was asked. When I expressed my intentions, I was told, “Are you sure? You’re so young. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you and it’ll all be over.” Then some follow-up questions. “What about school? What about your future? You need an education!” Well, you Kappa sisters know I completed my studies and that my life didn’t end, it just started a new phase.

What that person might not have realized is that yes, my life was about to change but I still had a life ahead of me. I still had a future. Only now, that future included another new life to take care of. Things happen to us all the time. Life throws these curveballs and we learn to adapt; it’s only human nature. Time didn’t stop because I was having a baby. My life didn’t end, it just took a different turn. My Kappa sisters offered me all support in those days; really friends forever!

So where is my life now, 14 years after being overcome with fear of telling my family I was pregnant? I got married to my then-boyfriend and bought a house. I did get my college degree because I stayed in school through my pregnancy and few months into my daughter’s life. I got my degree, but at the same time got an education no one can take from me.

I’m no longer just a mother of one, but two, and my children are my world. I‘m no longer a 22-year old going through the motions with the ability to make poor choices and be selfish whenever I please. Instead, every decision I make has my children in mind. I even think of going back to college in the fall, and that’s not just for me–it’s for them too.

As for that education that I “needed,” I’m getting plenty. My children teach me every day what it’s like to love unconditionally. To have patience and humility. To have pride. And most importantly, to be someone they can look up to, and be proud of too.

My life as I knew it before did end, but I couldn’t have asked for anything greater. Everything I do has so much more meaning now that I’m a mother, and that’s the way it should be. My life didn’t end because I got pregnant, it began. And being a member of Kappa has given me all the support, friendship, and strength I needed through the years.