Shop Kappa Style and Help Protect Our Heritage

We love wearing our Kappa hoodies and jewelry, and we can never have too many KKG T-shirts, blue-and-blue picture frames, beach blankets or tote bags. We buy KKG flip-flops, travel mugs and jewelry for our Kappa sisters. But did you know that along with the fun of giving and receiving Kappa merchandise, there can be an added benefit? Every purchase from a licensed vendor benefits Kappa Kappa Gamma!

To make sure you’re buying only from licensed vendors, look for the “Greek Licensed Product” symbol on magazines and websites that sell Greek gear. You can also visit and click on “Shop” to view a list of licensed vendors, which is maintained by Affinity Marketing Consultants.

By using one of these vendors, you’ll help ensure that Kappa Kappa Gamma is always represented in a positive manner. The royalties from these purchases are very valuable to our fraternity, and they help keep membership costs down!

To protect the integrity of our name, Kappa Kappa Gamma has registered our most precious marks with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. These marks include the name “Kappa Kappa Gamma,” the Greek letters (KKГ), “Tradition of Leadership,” our coat-of-arms, our membership badge and the fleur-de-lis key design.

Our growing number of approved vendors offer practically any type of Kappa product you could want. Please keep in mind, however, that the Fraternity will not approve the use of our trademarks on paddles or items associated with the consumption of alcohol.

In order to stop companies that misuse or unfairly profit from Kappa Kappa Gamma’s symbols, we must take a stand. By refusing to purchase products that do not carry the Greek Licensed Product seal, we can make sure that “Kappa Kappa Gamma” always stands for quality and sisterhood!