Three Big Reasons Why Small Gifts Make a Difference

If you have never made a gift to the Kappa Kappa Foundation because you think your small gift may not matter, then this information is for you! Why should you give? Here are three simple reasons for you to consider after you’ve watched this video:

1.  Small donations add up!
It is not uncommon to hear “my small gift surely can’t make a difference.” If everyone who thought this had donated whatever small gift amount they were thinking of, it would probably add up to a sizable sum! If you are worried that a small donation won’t help as much as you’d like, will sending no donation help more?

We have a total of 162,890 living Kappas! If each Kappa just gave $10 a year to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, the Foundation would receive $1,608,700 dollars annually! Just think of the scholarships, grants, Rose McGill Aid and programs that could fund! If every Kappa gave $20 annually, that $1.6 million becomes $3.2 million!!

2. Our mission never changes!
Our mission to “invest in every Kappa” doesn’t change whether we receive a gift of $10 or a gift of $1,000! In order for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation to make this investment in every Kappa, we need gifts at all levels.

3. Even a small donation means one more supporter!
Frankly, in many ways, we would be just as excited for 100 separate donations of ten dollars each than one donation of $1,000 … because that means more and more Kappas are willing to invest in each other and the Fraternity through the Foundation and its programs.

Giving is easy … check out our online giving opportunity by going to

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