Tips for Sorority Recruitment Conversations

Sorority members seek many qualities in new sisters, but being able to win a staring contest isn’t one of them.  Knowing how to ask good questions is.

The sorority women you meet during sorority recruitment are as nervous as you when it’s time for that first recruitment event.  They have spent weeks, even months learning communication etiquette and reviewing relevant facts about their organizations – with the goal of getting you to join.

Because you haven’t had all that training, we give you these simple tips on making those introductory conversations shine.

❁  Typical questions you’ll hear are: “What did you do this summer?  Why did you choose _____ University?  What got you interested in sorority recruitment?”  The best way to respond is with a short answer followed by a question to help balance the conversation.  For example:

♥ Sorority woman: What got you interested in sorority recruitment?

♥ You: Who wouldn’t be interested in sorority life on this campus? The women are so impressive, active, and vibrant. Why did you decide to get involved in sorority life?

❁  As you think of questions to ask, make sure they cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” These are called “closed-ended questions.” You want to elicit a lot of information from the women and one-word answers are not sufficient. Keep in mind that sorority sisters are friends forever!

❁  Don’t ask questions that are too personal or give out information that is not typically shared when you first meet new people (political views, religious beliefs, etc.).

❁  Note your voice and diction.  If you are in a loud room, it could become difficult to hear one another. You must be able to be heard by the interviewer while not screaming in her direction.

❁  Use fewer filler words and phrases such as “uh, um, ah, er, like, actually, you know, know what I mean” and speaking energetically rather than rehearsing practiced questions and answers.

If you’ve found the right organization for you, your mutual fascination with and passion for certain activities, philanthropies, studies or other interests will take over the conversation and it will not seem like “work. ” Read also the article about the role of a Kappa mother: to encourage, to inspire, and to process.

Members of the American National Panhellenic Conference is doing all it can to inform a potential new member (PNM) fully about her possibilities and options for joining a Greek sorority and what it means to sign the sorority’s binding Recruitment Acceptance Agreement.